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See, You Know Plenty of German

German restaurants can be fun. German food can be tasty.  Although we’ve not made it to the European continent, we have sampled “authentic” German food at restaurants in several cities here in the U.S.A.

A musician with an accordion serenaded us when friends treated us to a farewell dinner in the Twin Cities.

Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit

Bill Koncar, the cop by day & strolling accordian player by night

When we lived in Columbus, Ohio, we tried the lunch buffet as well as dinner at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus.


Juergens, where we ordered bakery treats and (not-so-great) coffee, was also in Columbus’ German Village neighborhood.


In New York City, we stumbled upon Hallo Berlin, where they had a satisfying $10 lunch special.

NYC Hallo Berlin Lunch Special

North of Philadelphia, some people think that Otto’s is a great place to eat, but we prefer to drive into the city for sausages. We enjoyed the currywurst at Reading Terminal Market, then tried lunch at Brauhaus Schmitz restaurant on South Street.

Wurst Platter: PFEFFERBEISSER and KÄSEWURST with sauerkraut and potato salad


Usually, an entree at any American restaurant is more than enough for me. Even when I think I might have room for dessert, the price tag reminds me that I have cookbooks and ingredients at home.  This past weekend, the weather cooled down a bit after a few days of 90-degree temperatures, so I baked and boiled to try a few recipies from The Best of My Grandmother’s German Cookery.

If I’d paid more attention to the boiling eggs and potatoes, the Kartoffelsalat would have had a better texture. My dash of salt could have been a bit stronger, too.

The Apfeltorte was pretty straight out of the oven, but the flavor and moistness improved after 2 days under glass.

Apple Flan Cake




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Cold Measures

The temperature has dropped a lot lower than most Columbus, Ohio residents can handle. Schools are closed, and many people that would be out chose to stay at home. This can be difficult for businesses who count on walk-in customers for daily revenue. My employer’s strategy for this is to host a Snow Day gathering, inviting kids to have fun with Legos, stickers, cartoons, and crafts. The kids also get complimentary hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. The idea is that the parents might buy some coffee and/or something off our menu. The kids can have fun, and the adults avoid cabin fever.

A business might be able to afford this one day, but when the cold spell lasts, the owner may have to take other measures. This morning I arrived at work, as scheduled, at 7:30, only to be notified that we weren’t going to open until 9 a.m.  Thankfully, my husband had driven me to work; unfortunately, he had driven away before I knew I wasn’t staying.  So, I had a cold  walk back. When I was back in our cozy apartment with a cup of hot coffee, I got a phone call letting me know that we were pushing the hour back to 11 a.m.

With all that time on my hands, what should I do? We decided that since the European bakery-restaurant where I work wasn’t going to be open, we could visit a German bakery-restaurant on the south side of town. My husband had tried their cherry strudel there a few weeks ago, before stopping in an art gallery with our pastor.

Juergens German Bakery & Restaurant in German Village is charming. I wasn’t disappointed.

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