It didn’t take long for Harney & Sons to respond to my request for a paper-and-ink catalog. We’d seen them at the store on one of our day trips to NYC, but I hadn’t wanted to have to carry anything extra around all day. So, when we were back home, I looked at their website.  The internet is a great tool, but I like to be able to get away from the computer and look at things in print.

When the catalog arrived, I skimmed the pages with gift packages then slowed down to read the descriptions of the varieties of matcha, green, and black teas.  The catalog isn’t an instruction manual for someone wanting to learn all there is to know about tea. Instead, it provides just enough information for you to begin to imagine what the tea experience will be when you brew your own pot or cup at home.  Also, Mike Harney has provided a tea rating for the majority of the teas. The ratings cover briskness, body, and aroma.  If the description and the rating isn’t enough to convince you to purchase a full tin, you have the option to order a sample packet.

IMG_0141.JPGSince Harney & Sons does not charge for priority shipping, I don’t buy large quantities. It is fun to try one or two teas. My husband is happy to stick with English Breakfast. I’ve tried Paris, Earl Grey, as well as Eight at the Fort.


This time I was tempted by the Caribe:

Black and green teas are blended with hibiscus, guava, coconut, and strawberry, then accented with marigolds and cornflowers.

Briskness – 2 Body -2 Aroma -4


Iced Tea pouces are an option that I may try in the future. The loose leaf worked just fine on this warm weekend in April.



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