Sunday Sponge


Three hours ago, our Sunday dinner was laid out on this brown platter: roasted carrots, onions, and beef, and asparagus broiled with olive oil and Parmesean cheese. You’ll have to just imagine the display, since we were more interested in eating than taking pictures.

After putting leftovers (!) away and washing the dishes, I had to decide what kind of dessert to serve with our afternoon tea or coffee. There were two cinnamon rolls in the freezer; I had packaged them up and hidden them so that we wouldn’t eat the whole batch on Saturday morning. I also had several boxes of instant pudding in the cupboard, but that just didn’t seem right for today.  Instead, I decided to make use of several of the gifts that my parents had given to me at Christmas and for my birthday: egg beaters, parchment paper, and a jelly-roll pan.

If you read a recipe carefully before starting  your project, and you continue by following the instructions, you should be satisfied with the result.  There were several points when I was tempted to jump the gun, but patience paid off.

Beat the eggs for the full 5 minutes so that they are thick and lemon colored. Let the cake bake for 12 minutes. Do generously sprinkle your tea towel with powdered sugar before you wrap it around the warm sponge cake. Do wait the full 30 minutes for the cake to cool before you unroll and spread it with just the 2/3 cups of your chosen filling.

Although a chocolate cake might have been nicer, I didn’t have cocoa powder on hand. Instead I left the sponge cake’s flavor as vanilla and decided to fill it with apricot jam and chocolate pudding.

You can find the basic recipe in Betty Crocker’s “New Cookbook”.


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