Baking A Round Pi Day

My menu for the week had already been written out when the advertisements and posts about “Pi Day” started to show up on the internet. Not that I am strict about following my proposed meal schedule, but that will have to be a good enough excuse. While my sister and her family are enjoying chicken pot pi[e], I’ve got chicken curry simmering in a crockpot. Although our supper may be served in round dishes, there will be a scoop of Jasmine rice rather than a pastry crust.

This year, Pi Day and Snow Day fell on the same date. The weather channels prediced blizzard conditions, so many of us got to stay home from work and school. It didn’t take too long to check into my work email account this morning and to see that there weren’t any time-sensitive messages in the inbox. Also, the documents that I thought I had moved to an accessible file weren’t, so I couldn’t use my time to transfer some hand-written changes to the electronic files. I just HAD to take the day off!  ( :

The morning showed our neighborhood had been blanketed with snow.  The sound of rain tapping against the window glass lasted for a while, before a wind came and the temperatures dropped enough to change the rain to sleet and then snow.

It was pleasant to check things off my “to-do” list at leisure.  By lunchtime I was ready to go out for a walk, but it appeared that the local restaurants had decided to take the day off as well. So, instead, we broiled sandwiches of Westminster cheddar on “Panera At Home” whole grain multi-grain bread.img_3497.jpg

The oven was warm, and I had three black-skinned, over-ripe bananas, so I got ready to mix together some banana-bread batter. Last time I’d baked banana bread, my husband mentioned that he’d prefer a version that called for less sugar, so I pulled Love Bake Nourish off my bookshelf rather than Betty Crocker. The index only listed cakes, and Joel was interested in bread that he could slather with butter, so I ended up using my normal recipe.

However, when I get started in the kitchen, it is very likely that I’ll keep going until I’ve baked and cooked several things. Dirty dishes fill the kitchen sink, and cover the table and counter tops.

While deciding whether or not to include raisins in the banana-bread, I saw that I still had a package of chestnuts in the cupboard. Back in the Love Bake Nourish cookbook, I found a recipe for chocolate cake made with chestnuts. Although I didn’t have the ground walnuts, all of the other ingredients were on-hand. I’d just have to substitute regular flour (and scale down the recipe).  I was glad to use the hand-powered egg beaters that my parents had mailed to me as a birthday present. The thick chestnut-chocolate batter smoothed out when the stiff peaks of egg white were folded in.  They ended up tasting much better than I had expected; the plain chestnut wasn’t very tasty and honey was the only sweetener in the list of ingredients.

We sampled both the cake and the bread. And so, in honor of 3.14, have probably increased our circumfrences. Happy Pi Day!

Chocolate Chestnut Cakes Recipe Book


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