Onyx Cocoa Sifted Yellow Cake


There are flourless chocolate cakes; I’m aware of that. However, I wanted to see if a gluten-free cake mix would produce something with a more structured crumb. Aldi’s gluten-free products have been getting good reviews from folks in my area, so I thought I would try a box for myself. Our diet does not demand that we avoid gluten, but a few of our friends are sensititve to wheat. There were three options at the grocery store: baking mix, brownie mix, and yellow cake mix.  Pancake or waffle batter wasn’t what I had in mind, and although I was looking for chocolate, I bought the mix for cakes rather than brownies. Some quick research confirmed that you could add a four tablespoons of cocoa powder to transform a yellow cake into devil’s food. There was just enough black onyx cocoa powder left in my kitchen (I’d splurged over the Christmas holiday when we went to Peddler’s village with some friends. I don’t frequent quaint spice shops.). At first, I tried to beat the eggs enough to give them some volume, but I don’t have an electric mixer, and my husband’s patience with the noise of a hand whisk beating against the side of a metal bowl is not great. So I just combined the ingredients, spooned the batter into the prepared pan, and slid it into the preheated oven. 40 minutes later the cake was baked through. The cake slid out of the pan very easily. I didn’t wait very long before slicing it into two disks. Although it was still warm, the cake held together. Apricot jam was the chosen filling this time around. There were two scoops of ice cream left in the freezer, so I didn’t bother trying to make frosting.   It worked. The texture was a bit grainy, and there was probably a hint of different grain flavors that you are used to, but it still worked. Maybe we need to have another slice when it has cooled to room temperature…just to make sure ( ;

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