Chicken Chorizo Stew with Potatoes and Capers

A large box arrived yesterday afternoon. Williams & Sonoma had offered free shipping and a 20% discount in addition to already reduced prices, so I decided to order a heat-resistant, silicone spatula that has been on my wish list for some time.  The size of the box did not correspond with the size of the spatula. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t get lost in the mail, so they included a lot of bubble wrap with a coupon and their latest catalog.

They advertized brightly-colored linens and plates of a “Spanish style”.  Another page showed a photograph of two shiny, filled paella pans  –one with lobster and the other with a variety of shellfish. I skimmed the rest of the pages of beautiful, expensive, and unnecessary kitchen goods, and only tore out one page to keep.

Chicken and Chorizo Stew was dressed in a Dutch Oven that you could purchase in your choice from a variety of colors. The price wasn’t tempting, but the recipe was. Not all of the ingredients were in my kitchen, but what I had was close enough.


2 fresh tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce were substituted for the large can of plum tomatoes. Dried oregano for fresh, and capers for the green olives.



After browning the meat and sauteeing the onions and garlic, I deglazed the pan with the white wine and reduced the liquid to 1/3 cup.  Then, everything went back into the pan, along with 4 cups of chicken broth, to boil, then simmer for 45 minutes.


I was afraid that the potatoes would turn to mush, but they were still quite firm, and rather waxy, when we tried the new stew (reheated) this evening. The colors make a nice presentation, and the flavors and textures are acceptable. Not too exciting, though.


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