Promise of Peaches


One of the Davids at work commutes from New Jersey. Last week he left a bag of peaches in the lunchroom so that anyone could take some home for free.  His neighbor has a tree, and he is allowed to pick as many as he wants as long as he doesn’t sell them.

This morning there was a fresh bag on the lunchroom table.  When he walked past my desk I thanked him.  He asked if I would like more, and now I’m looking forward to a bag all to myself next Monday.

What shall I do with them?

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One thought on “Promise of Peaches

  1. sam

    My family loves peach jam. If you aren’t able to can, you could do freezer jam if you have that kind of space. I have always loved peaches in any form…bottom layer of a coffecake, cobbler, pie, in oatmeal, fresh. My grandpa used to slice up peaches and pour milk over them and eat it like cereal.

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