Playing Around

IMG_2922We’d invited a few friends over for dinner, and since the date fell on el Cinco de Mayo I decided to prepare a menu that at least hinted at being Mexican. Horchata & Malta Goya served as our beverages, and pasties (British empanadas), chicken-and-cheese quesadillas, and black bean sopes were the main course.   A & J volunteered to bring dessert, so I asked them to make flan (They are on a baking blitz having just discovered The GBBO is available on Netflix.).

IMG_2920In the past, the corn masa base to my sopes had been too thick. The challenge was making them similar to a tortilla, but slightly thicker and with a slightly bowled form.  Rather than deep frying them, I decided to baste them with canola oil and shape them around the bottom side of a muffin tin.  After  some time in the oven (around 350* F), the shells had hardened enough to twist off the muffin tin.

Since I prepared the sope shells the night before, as well as the pasties, I wasn’t too frantic trying to get everything ready on the actual dinner date. I reheated the pasties in the oven while getting the quesadillas ready to fry on the stovetop. In the last few minutes, I put the sope shells in the oven to crisp before filling them with black refried beans, chrumbled chorizo, sour cream, cotija cheese, and finely chopped cilantro.

Another guest brought a bag of blue corn tortilla chips and a bottle of chipotle salsa. We also let them try spicy pork rinds. Some found them easier to stomach than others after having the ingredients explained to them.

IMG_2926A & J’s flan with caramel sauce was perfectly smooth, thick, and creamy.

After a bit of PDQ Bach online, we took out a real instrument to bridge two holidays: Cinco de Mayo and World Accordion Day.



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