Breakfast Blintz


Some days more than others, you want to make sure that your breakfast “sticks to your ribs”.  At home it doesn’t matter, because you can always find something in the kitchen to tide you over until lunchtime. At  school in the lecture hall, or at work in the conference room, a mid-morning growl from an emptying stomach does matter.

Eggs: scrambled, fried, poached, etc. will tide one over, but sometimes you want something different from toast or hashbrown potatoes.

Even a stack of traditional pancakes will not stick with me through the morning. As with a bowl of oatmeal, around 10:30 a.m. I’m ready for a snack.  Crepes, however, are different. The batter for crepes has a ratio of 3 eggs for every 1 cup of flour, whereas your buttermilk & baking powder pancakes has a ratio of 1:1.

You can combine your ingredients in a blender and have your batter ready for the morning. However, if you’re short on time at the beginning of your busy day, you might want to make your crepes ahead of time and just warm them in the skillet for breakfast.

A crepe changes it’s name to blintz when you fold the thin pancake around a filling and toast it slightly in melted butter; I’ve tried cream cheese with cinnamon-sugar. A dollop of sour cream, some citrus zest, and a bit of fresh fruit make for a pleasant presentation.

If you think you need something salty to balance out the sweetness, a strip of crisp bacon pairs well and gives you extra confidence that you’ll make it to lunch with a satisfied stomach.

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One thought on “Breakfast Blintz

  1. These are some great ideas! I just posted a blintz recipe of my own with a blueberry lemon compote. I like a sweet filling and a topping that cuts through the sweetness. So my compote is tangier than it is sweet, and it is delicious when it all comes together! I’ll have to try some of these ideas, too. Sounds delicious!

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