The Joy Next Door


The place fills up even on weekdays.


They use Italian bread to make “Italian French Toast”, but I don’t think that they use French bread for their regular French toast.


Joel had rye toast in addition to his eggs and sausage.

Every morning we sit at the breakfast table and look out the kitchen window. From our second story apartment you can see the back of the restaurant next door. We see the owner, the waitresses and other employees. They come and go, checking on equipment, taking out trash, coming out for a smoke break or checking their cell phones.
There is also a parking lot separated from our parking area by a narrow patch of grass, a few trees, and a chain link fence. When the few spaces in the front of the store get filled the customers can park here and go in through a narrow hallway to the dining area.
Tuesday morning we decided to see what our neighbor restaurant looked like on the inside.
IMG_2232 IMG_2233

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