Window Unit A/C

When the lady showed us the apartment with its high ceilings we were glad to note the six windows that not only added sunlight to cheer the place but also promised a pleasant cross-breeze. When we got the keys to move in, she casually asked if we have brought a window unit with us. We hadn’t even thought about air conditioning, since all our our formal rentals either had their own or didn’t need it. Since other moving expenses were adding up we decided to try life with just box fans; we (as well as many historical figures) had both grown up without central air conditioning, so why wouldn’t we be able to bear the Summer heat now? However, the unrelenting humidity of the Philadelphia area heatwave would not be ignored. We sweated by day, and after a night of tossing and turning, we gave in and bought a simple Frigidaire window air conditioner.

Although our apartment is relatively small, the cold air doesn’t reach to every corner of every room. Also, the pilot light on the gas stove must keep things warm in the kitchen. Needless to say, it isn’t the time to give in to the temptation to bake in the nice, big gas powered oven. Even standing over the stove can warm more than the food.  One alternative is to use a crockpot. With just two people, you can even use the mini crockpot to prepare tender pork to top off a cool salad.


2 boneless pork chops & Herdez Red Guajillo Chili Mexican cooking sauce

peach-mango salsa

avocado, chopped

iceberg lettuce, shredded

Mexican blend shredded cheese

Pork Avocado Fruit salsa

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