Columbus Cajun Creole Cuisine: da levee

We met at the Columbus Museum of Art to check out the current exhibits. This morning, my husband decided to take advantage of the cooler weather to walk, and I threw in two loads of laundry before driving downtown.

Da LeVee in the Short North

Da LeVee in the Short North

Afterwards, we walked through the North Market, but none of the food stalls called to us. We decided to wander up High Street to see if any of the store front restaurants might prove more interesting; many of them were closed until the afternoon, but the door to Da LeVee was unlocked.

The guy behind the counter welcomed us and directed us to the chalkboard menu of daily specials.

Daily Specials Menu

Daily Specials Menu

His voice and manner were sort of like that of a game show host.



Po'rrito Chorizle

Po’rrito Chorizle

Joel chose a small bowl of gumbo, and I went with a chorizo burrito.

The chorizo had a nice bite (I could have used a glass of milk). The meat, rice, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomato were filling but not heavy and wet. Potato chips? Nothing to write home about, but not bad, either.  Size? Big enough to take 1/2 home.

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