Rachel’s Lott: Butter Chicken

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It has been over a year since we drove to Toronto. We went to see a friend whose wedding we had had to miss when we were living in South America. Rachel showed us around Chinatown, went with us to an art museum, and gave us a walking tour of the university. Although we stayed in a bed and breakfast, we did get to see the not-so-newlywed couple’s home. While we were there, I asked Mrs. Lott  what sort of food she was learning to cook. One of the things she mentioned was butter chicken. She didn’t go into great detail, so I just assumed that the seasoning was mild.

While meandering through Saraga several weeks ago, I glanced at the various boxes of seasonings in one of the Asian food aisles. Butter chicken was nestled beside a box of curry; most of the descriptions were written in what looked like Arabic script.

“Why not find out why Rachel likes butter chicken?” I thought. A few days later, I decided to prepare the dish. After a quick email to Rachel, I took a walk across the street to see if Target sold naan to include with our dinner. I came back empty handed, and looked for a recipe for a quick method of preparing the Indian flatbread.

There are recipes for no-yeast naan, but the one I used that evening didn’t turn out as good as the kind I’ve purchased.

A package of spinach & lentil dal worked nicely with the chicken, rice and bread.

The surprise was that butter chicken really isn’t mild at all. It was even spicy according to my husband’s standards. It gets it’s name from the amount of butter used to prepare it (says one source: another friend, a wife of a man from India).

Leftovers? Rachel says,

“There’s even a place that wraps the rice-butter chicken mix in a soft tortilla and serves it as a ‘currito’ (curry + burrito = currito). I guess it all depends on how runny the finished sauce is.”IMG_1287
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