A bowl of hearty beef stew seemed just the thing last week; I was still weak, recovering from a mosquito-borne virus that I caught in the Dominican Republic, so my husband suggested that we go to Mozart’s for lunch. When the waiter brought the bowls to our table, I thought that the presentation was beautiful. However, the chunks of beef and potato were large. I almost wanted to use my knife and fork instead of a spoon. Also, it seemed like they increased the amount of paprika in the recipe from the first time I tried the restaurant’s goulash.

The experience didn’t ruin my opinion of goulash, though. This week I cubed some beef and coated it with paprika and salt before browning it in a skillet with bacon fat. I had purchased a pound of Tyson bacon. Through the plastic windows on the packaging I saw a lot of meat, but when I opened it at home, it turned out that 2/3 of the product was fat. Instead of throwing out the fat, I rolled up the white slices and froze them to use for flavoring in the future. I also sauteed onion, cubanelle pepper and garlic in the bacon fat, before putting this in a mini crockpot with the remaining ingredients (white wine, chicken stock, tomato sauce, oregano…I can’t seem to find the internet recipe that I sort of followed.).

After 2 hours, I boiled water to prepare some Spaetzle Egg Noodles (from Aldi). While the noodles were cooking, I cut some Brussels sprouts in half and sauteed them with butter. I also peeled and sliced some green apples and sauteed them with some cinnamon and sugar.

My goulash could have used a bit of roux to thicken the broth into a sauce, since I served it with noodles, but as a soup would have been fine.


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