No Luck Este Lunes

Casa Hacienda was my choice of restaurant for the week. We drove over around 7:30. The neon signs welcomed us with a bright “Open”, but when my husband tried to open the door for me, it didn’t budge: pull or push.  I shaded my eyes with my hand and peered through the window. Yes, there were some people seated at a table inside.  We walked around to other doors and looked in other windows and saw other people eating, but had no luck getting inside, ourselves. So, we drove off in search of something else. We agreed to head toward Westerville, and found a different “Mexican” restaurant on the way. The name, Rancho Alegre, inspired some confidence. No doubt the food would be more authentic than Chi-Chis, and the ambiance better than what you would find at Taco Bell.

My husband commented that the song they had playing over the sound system was Colombian. We were seated quickly and served freshly fried tortilla chips with house red salsa. We ordered horchata and were not disappointed with its flavor and creamy consistency. The cups were large, so $1.99 didn’t seem a bad deal.

Horchata Rancho Alegre

Before we left our apartment, I had decided that I wanted fajitas, but I still flipped through the menu. There was a wide variety to choose from, but I wasn’t really tempted by anything else. Joel ordered a chicken burrito.

When our plates arrived, my entree came on three plates. His burrito filled up one.  The presentation was appealing.

Fajitas Rancho Alegre

However, Joel said his chicken was stringy. My steak was tough and the beans didn’t have good flavor. The flour tortillas were disappointingly tough and almost slimy.

Good thing we filled up on the chips and salsa.

I boxed up my meat, hoping that I might transform these leftovers into something more palatable another day.

On our way home, we passed the first restaurant. The “Open” signs were still glowing in the windows, but only one silver SUV was in the parking lot. Looks like they lost their chance at more than one potential customer. Who knows.


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