Eating Easter Eggs

Eating Easter Eggs

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One thought on “Eating Easter Eggs

  1. Cindy Taylor Looks yummy!
    April 19 at 6:30pm · Like

    Christine Joseph Reminds me of an Italian easter bread.
    April 19 at 6:37pm · Like

    Linda Rupert Did you make it?
    April 19 at 8:17pm · Like

    Katrina Zartman Yes
    April 20 at 8:36am · Like · 1

    Katrina Zartman With cardamom and with part of the all-purpose flour substituted with whole wheat flour.
    April 20 at 8:54pm · Like

    Linda Rupert Was delicious!
    April 20 at 9:00pm · Like

    Christine Joseph Question is how to store it if you don’t eat it right away. Normally I wouldn’t put baked goods in the fridge… But with the eggs….?
    Yesterday at 7:27am · Like

    Katrina Zartman The easiest answer is to say that you won’t have any leftovers…and who would dare serve bread any way but fresh!
    23 hours ago · Like

    Katrina Zartman The realistic answer would be that now that you have the correctly shaped indentions in the bread, you could carefully remove the eggs and keep them in the fridge if you were planning to freeze the bread.
    23 hours ago · Like

    Katrina Zartman The blog I got the recipe from said to refrigerate the whole thing. So that is what I did this time. I wasn’t sure if the milk ingredient mattered too. The bread was “moist” (I can’t think of the right word.).
    23 hours ago · Like

    Katrina Zartman After the finished product had cooled down, I put it in the fridge, covered with a thin towel. The next day I set it out to come to room temperature before sticking it in the oven to warm up.
    23 hours ago · Like

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