Apples to Apples


Usually, I choose the Gala or Granny Smith variety when looking at the colorful display in a grocer’s produce section. Lucky’s Market on High Street had bags of Jonathan apples on sale. We’ve heard tales of Johnny Appleseed, the pioneer who is credited with introducing apple trees Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois. But how familiar are we with the Jonathan apple?


Juicy flavor with a spicy tang

* Eat fresh or use in cooking

* A gourmet cooking apple, preferred in pies

* Both pretty and popular

The flavor description sounded too interesting to pass up, so  I put a 3 lb bag in my shopping cart.

The purchase wasn’t just on a whim. Apples were on my grocery list, because it had been a long time since I’d eaten Waldorf salad.  Waldorf salad is the apple-mayonnaise one, not the one with pineapple, pistachio pudding, and marshmallows. It’s easy to get Waldorf and Watergate confused.

Since I claim to trust Betty Crocker for most traditional recipes, I decided to crack open my red, New Cookbook, and follow her instruction.

When I had chopped and measured and combined the ingredients, my husband spooned some into bowls for each of us. Something was missing. Raisins or grapes had been on my mind, but I wanted to follow the recipe so that I could judge rightly.  A quick check on the internet showed that either of those two ingredients were included in non-Betty Crocker recipes. Some people even made it into a chicken salad.  So, I cut some red, seedless grapes into halves and stirred them along with a bit of sugar into the mix.  Not bad, but I think next time, I might cut back on the celery.

And the Jonathan apples? Did the flavor match the description? For fresh, yes.

I might have to bake something with the rest of them to test the gourmet claim.


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