Agave Almond Swirl



Does this sort of thing make your heart race? No, I’m not talking about passion, I’m talking about increased blood sugar combined with caffeine. Whenever I forget about the high that comes with eating gooey pecan cinnamon rolls, I decide to bake a batch. It almost happened this morning, when the rain was pattering against the windows and the cold wind was warning of snow to come.

Cardamom was also on my mind, when I found a recipe for a Swedish Tea Ring. As I smiled at the photo, I recalled that most of it would go to waste (or waist) since I didn’t have anyone nearby to share with. Instead, I decided to use the recipe for the dough, but make mini swirls.  Freezing portions seemed more sensible than freezing a ring with a slice taken out of it.

While getting into my cupboard I noticed two things: a can of almond pastry filling and a squeeze bottle of Agave nectar.  Perhaps if I substituted the agave nectar for the white sugar, I could still use the sweet almond filling without overdoing things.


Instead of the 1/2 cup of white sugar, I used 1/3 c of the low glycemic sweetener, careful to decrease the amount of liquid (milk) called for in the recipe. 

My dough worked well. I had a cup of coffee and three (yes, THREE) MINI cardamom-almond swirls without that crazy sugar rush. But, just to be sure, I’ll have to try it again tomorrow morning, no? 



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