He Proposes a Toast

He Proposes a Toast

We woke up a little bit later than usual this morning. The plan had been to go to La Chatelaine for coffee & croissants, but by this hour the restaurant gets busy.
Rather than scrambled eggs or sausages, my husband asked if we had any toast. He wanted to try the dulce de leche we had found on the gourmet food shelf at Marshall’s yesterday.
In Colombia, this smooth caramel spread is called arequipe. The ladies at church might serve it with large, thin, round wafers (oblejas). Several of the older ladies had recipes (one included green onion as an ingredient) for making arequipe at home, but it was easy to purchase as well. Grocery stores usually had several different “marcas” if not different flavors. You could buy the spread in a plastic tub, a squeeze bag, or individual cups with spoons for snacking.

The 15 oz. jar of Guacho Ranch Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel Spread we got at Marshall’s cost $3.99. It was “Hand Crafted. . .in Miami, Florida” no doubt by South Americans.
The texture is spreadable and smooth, but not so thin that you worry about it dripping off your toast. I may detect a slight hint of the sodium bicarbonate, but it isn’t unpleasant.

If you don’t feel like dealing with the holiday shoppers at stores like Marshall’s or Home Goods, try looking at Saraga for this rich caramel spread.IMG_9137

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