Cook Book-aholic

On my way home from a grocery store this morning, I decided to take a look at a sale. A cardboard sign with “BOOKS” written in black marker was taped to a street sign just a few blocks from my apartment building. When I made it to the 300-block there was another cardboard sign; this one said “10¢”.  Through the space in the front hedges, I could see that an older lady had several tables covered with books, so I parked my car and walked up.The first table had a few piano music books, but almost all of the rest of the books were of recipes. 

I chatted with the lady a bit. She said that she had actually read all of them. I joked, “but how many dishes do we prepare?” She agreed that she had probably made fewer dishes than her family would have liked her to have. 

She had some classic books, like The Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker’s Red Cookbook, as well as special ones compiled by churches. There was one somehow related to Severance Hall in Cleveland, and another was to support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (it had ideas for canapes and other appetizers).

Knowing that our bookshelf space is already at it’s maximum (if you don’t double row your library) in our one-bedroom apartment, I only purchased 8 books…and some of those I intend to give away.

This afternoon, I wiped down the covers and flipped through the pages to get rid of any markers.  I threw out most of her notes, but came across a photocopy of a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, November,1979. The flavors are of Autumn, but the “frozen torte” will also be fitting for this “Indian Summer” we seem to be experiencing this October.



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