Why Thai?

When I came into work on Monday, I was surprised to see one of my coworkers wearing a jacket and a tie. He said he just felt like dressing up for no particular reason.  Later that afternoon I heard him talking to another guy in the office. They were asking each other what they were going to get for lunch. Since I was merely eavesdropping and not part of the conversation, I wasn’t sure which “tie”  or “thai”  they meant, but I think I heard it could be Thai/Tie Thursday this week.

So, with that on my mind and a new packet of green curry powder from World Market on my shelf, I decided to look for some ideas.

After skimming this post, I headed out to an Asian grocery store about 10 minutes from my apartment. They didn’t have basil or Thai eggplants, so I ended up using zucchini.   My other substitutions included: oyster sauce for the shrimp paste and curry powder instead of curry paste and powdered ginger instead of fresh galangal (Chinese ginger).

The sauce ended up more of a soup. My rice was rather sticky. The curry is very hot.  Tomorrow we’ll see if a night in the fridge helps the flavors meld more.

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