Big Deal$

My brother likes to joke about the time he bought a box of microwave Chinese shrimp and rice from a dollar store. He couldn’t complain when there was just one shrimp; one shrimp, three shrimp, seven shrimp, you write it the same way whether you’re talking singular or plural.

The point though, isn’t whether or not the manufacturer of inexpensive foods has a good sense of English grammar.  What we want to know is the value of their product. Should we be satisfied with the product just because it comes at a low price?  What are you paying for: quality? quantity? availability?

The Big Deal$ store isn’t in my neighborhood. When I do get out to Westerville, I might stop in just to pick up a few items that other dollar stores don’t carry…and look at what new products they might have added to their inventory. Bath salts, bubble bath, Speedstick deodorant and Head & Shoulders shampoo are priced considerably lower than at Target or Kroger.

When it comes to food, there aren’t so many things that tempt me.  They convinced me to buy a $1.75 bottle of Tabasco brand sauce, though, when they announced over the loudspeaker that they take manufacturer’s coupons (I had 50 cents off, and our bottle is always considered “half empty”. ).

While scanning the frozen food section I came across these:

Golden Krust Jamaican Style Empanadas

Empanadas? But what is the Jamaican definition of an empanada.  Since my husband frequently asks for a “midnight snack” around 8pm, I decided to buy a couple.

The directions are only for microwave heating. The paper wrapper is specially designed to produce a crisp crust.  After two minutes in the microwave and two minutes resting, I wouldn’t call the empanada shell crisp, but it wasn’t soggy either.

Since I’ve never visited Jamaica, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the “Jamaican empanadas”.  A Colombian would be disappointed if they were expecting a potato or rice filled street food, although they were the right bright orange-yellow color.  These were filled with spicy, shredded meat (chicken or beef).  Good enough if your appetite isn’t leaning toward a gourmet culinary experience.

You decide if its worth your $.

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