Not So Hot: Curry Powder Packet

Don’t be fooled. Just because an Asian-speaking person chooses a package of curry seasoning, it doesn’t mean it will be the best name brand.

We live very close to an Asian grocery store. It is clean and organized. If I thought I might like pickled squid I don’t think I would be afraid to buy it from them.  However, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to find a curry I like on their shelves; I’m sort of partial to the canned kind (red, yellow or green).

On Monday, I walked over to Lotte grocery store to browse their merchandise. Some of the packaging is in English. Some of them at least have the ingredients list translated. Rather than making an effort to attempt reading and comparing the different curries, I just took the same packet that another customer tossed into her cart.

Many Thai, Vietnamese and Indian restaurant’s entrees really are extremely HOT, so when I look at the “authentic” grocery stores I consider shying away from the seasonings labeled as such.  This medium really didn’t throw any punches in my chicken curry tonight. Even after adding a package of hot sauce from Taco Bell, the dish was rather tame.

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