Spaghetti Warehouse

Since The Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis was a favorite when we lived in the Twin Cities, we were eager to see if Columbus’ Spaghetti Warehouse matched up.  Somehow we drove past it without noticing it on our left, and we had to turn around at a restaurant supply store.

No question why they call it a warehouse; the restaurant is huge inside and out. The inside is decorated with hanging tiffany lamps, stained glass windows, huge wooden buffets, booths, a train car, etc.  Nicely dark, too.

Thursday’s special is lasagna for $8, but we had a coupon for $6 spaghetti (any flavor).  Your entree includes soup, salad, or applesauce and fresh sourdough bread.

The waitstaff were more like you would expect at a Denny’s than a cloth napkin establishment. However, ours wasn’t as friendly as the kind you get at Bob Evans or Applebee’s.

This Spaghetti Warehouse doesn‘t have pasta with Mizithra cheese,

so Joel went with the pesto spaghetti.

In Minneapolis, I liked to order a sampler with clam sauce,

so I decided to try the Mediterranean spaghetti today.

Joel thought his was okay, but since he “ate bread like a pig”, he felt uncomfortable at the end.

Mine was tasty, but I think they could have cut back on the “spicy” part of the sauce (and I like jalapeno).

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