La Chatelaine

Historic Worthington isn’t too far from our apartment. The 2 miles might take you half an hour at a strolling pace.
Although I can’t call Worthington “home” the community does hold memories for me.
When I was growing up, this was where we went for yearly dentist appointments. Once or twice we might have stood in line for Graeter’s ice cream after a school concert. One Sunday morning in Spring, Joel proposed to me in a church graveyard there off the main square. Several Christmases ago, we had coffee and chatted with a dear friend, Merideth, at Scottie McBean.
Graeter’s is still there, but my dentist has moved down the road. The Friendly’s where we had breakfast after I accepted Joel’s proposal is now a Bruegger’s Bagels. Scottie’s is closed.
This morning we walked down to try out a French cafe/bakery/restaurant. Many times we had passed La Chatelaine, but never been in. Maybe it just looked too fancy.
Just coming “off the boat” from Colombia, we weren’t sure how things worked: should we sit down and wait to be served? Did we order at the counter? It turned out that service was cafteria-style. Joel chose a Provençale omelette and I asked for a cocotte. We both ordered regular coffee, rather than the $4-or-so specialty drinks. You poured your own from ugly drip coffee pots after sliding your tray past the cash register.
Joel’s comments were that the omelette was surprisingly spicy, but that he didn’t especially like the eggplant. My leek,potato and bacon cocotte had a nice balance of flavors and textures, although it looked watery when I saw it on display.

Atmosphere? So-so. One of the workers couldn’t have been a high-schooler (because of the day and hour), but sounded like a kid: polite enough but unpolished and American. The dining room area had simple elegance away from the cafeteria line: sturdy wooden tables and wooden floors, simple decorations.

Strangely enough, I think what I will walk away with is a picture of a lady working there;her appearance was neither ugly nor beautiful, humble nor proud. Her long, black skirt swang as she swept the dining room floor.

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