Last Meal

We called a taxi and headed out at 6:40 this morning.  Road traffic was heavy, of course, but we made it through the airport lines rather quickly. Security didn’t even make us remove our belts, neither our shoes.  Since we had plenty of time on our hands as well as Colombian pesos to dispose of, we stopped in at the food-court McDonalds.  Breakfast burritoes haven’t made it to Bogota. Instead, Joel ordered the “complete breakfast” with English muffin halves,  and I had the “McCrillolo”.  The combos came with Juan Valdez cappuccinos (according to the receipt, although I ended up with coffee that I had to ask them to add foamy milk to).

So, the packaging looks the same as in The States. Inside is just a little bit different. My scrambled eggs included a few corn kernels, and instead of pancakes or whatever they give you in the USA I had two Colombian arepas with my sausage patty. Not bad, actually.

We switched continents via JetBlue, so lunch wasn’t included. Instead we feasted on gourmet nut mix and blue potato chips with our cranberry juice.

In Florida, we used the hotel switchboard to call a shuttle. After settling into our room, we changed into shorts and went out in search for supper. The strip mall nearby had Italian, Cuban, Latin, a bar, Thai and “New York Style” Chinese restaurants. However the ones we were somewhat interested in didn’t have much seating. Since we couldn’t find atmosphere we found ourselves back at McDonalds. Joel got his longed-for Dr. Pepper with his Angus cheeseburger, and I enjoyed a delicious Southwestern grilled chicken salad…how nice to be back to black beans, cheddar cheese and Newman’s salad dressing (even if it defeats the low calorie idea)!

And so, we fed ourselves today. The last meal in Colombia and the first in the USA, naturally at McDonald’s.

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