Feria del Hogar 2012: Basilur

While speaking to Liudmila about her new location to sell Basilur tea, she mentioned that she was also going to participate in the annual Home Fair at Colferias, Bogota. When she offered us 2 VIP passes for opening day, I didn’t decline.  Since Joel had to be at the apartment at 4pm to hand over the keys, I invited Mrs. Line to come with me.

The doors were supposed to open at noon, but when I arrived shortly before 2p.m. people were still waiting in line to enter.  I found Juanita and we chatted a few minutes until they finally let us in.  It wasn’t difficult to find Liudmila’s booth.  1.2.3. Building # 1 , 2nd floor, booth 310.

The Basilur booth is impressive–tastefully done. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the product is of good quality. It could probably sell itself, but Liudmila and her assistant know a lot about the product as well as the company, it’s standards, and the process.

We sampled a black tea that had hints of almond and bergamot.  Then, after we had browsed the rest of the fair buildings we came back to say goodbye. She gave us another cup to sample; this time it was a green tea. Usually I don’t like green tea, but this was neither too strong or bitter.  Basilur tea is perfect alone: no need for sugar or cream.

So, is it really worth it? Yes. Perhaps you are thinking that you can buy Lipton or Stash or even Twinings for a few dollars less per box.  True, but why not spend a tiny bit more to experience a big difference with the wonderful  flavor and aroma of Basilur?


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