Meeting Maechas

What should you do after you retire? A man in our church congregation recently retired from the military police. He’s still young, though, and extra income is definitely welcome.  The past few months, he and his wife have been adjusting to running a family restaurant.  I’ve talked to the wife several Sundays and heard about the struggles: finding good suppliers for better quality meat, peeling countless potatoes, learning how to stay calm when the customers are eager to have their orders filled, and wishing that she could be the one at home with the kids instead of the mother-in-law.

The past few weeks, I’ve been wanting to visit. Partly to encourage them, and (possibly more) out of culinary curiosity.  Today, street crossroad numbers in head, I went in search of the restaurant.  The map shows the Transmilenio stop, Marly as closest to KR 49, so I got off there and walked away from the mountains, hoping that the numbers would get larger (the crossroad was 15 and we were on 14).  A block west and a block south later, we spotted Raul and “Restaurante y Cafeteria Carnes, Sopitas y Algo mas“.

Since I’m not a big fan of sopa de arroz, I asked for the ajiaco to start with.  Then, my brother chose higado (liver) and I picked pechuga (chicken breast).

The almuerzo (lunch) was typical as far as choices go in most Colombian neighborhood restaurants, but not so typical as far as quality goes: the meat was flavorful and tender. The rice was tasty, too. Sometimes the rice has flavor because the cook adds a lot of oil, but the rice I had here was seasoned with algo mas.

The service, of course, was exceptional!

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