Casa Mexicana

The first month we arrived in Bogota, some new friends introduced us to a Mexican restaurant. Well, actually, they took us to the tienda next door, because at that point in time, the normal grocery stores didn’t carry much in the way of ingredients for Mexican cuisine.  We squeezed into the car with their triplet daughters and wound our way to Casa Mexicana. It is across the street (to the west) from the Centro Comercial, Atlantis.

Now, more than three years later, we’re packing up, headed back to the USA.  For our despedida, two couples arranged to take us to the restaurant. Since Casa Mexicana is a popular place, it was helpful that Gabriel had worked there in the past; he was able to reserve a table for the six of us.

Atmosphere is important to me, when considering a place to eat out.  The tasteful decor at Casa Mexicana was satisfactory. They have lots of framed black & white photos as well as posters of works by Mexican artists.  The music is traditional rather than modern pop, and just loud enough to cover up your neighbors’ conversation without interrupting your own.

Service? Very good. Even though it looked like they only had four servers for the whole place, the waitstaff was very attentive. Friendly, too, without being chummy.  Some people might appreciate the speed of them clearing the table of empty glasses and dishes.

Our hosts decided to request an appetizer of  chicharrones.  The restaurant’s pork rinds are crisp, light and puffed. They come served over a mound of guacamole.

Each person in our company ordered something different.  Three had soup, Joel tried an appetizer of 10 taquitos for his plato fuerte, The other two men had meat with nachos, and I ordered the lomo.

Sopa de tortilla

Botana de taquitos


Everything was excellent. The cheese, the meat… the plates are big enough to share, so I ended up taking half of my meat home.

Solo Efectivo

One word of caution: if you are used to paying with credit card, forget it. Casa Mexicana only accepts check or cash.  There are plenty of cash machines across the street at the mall if you aren’t prepared.

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