Las Enchiladas



We decided to head downtown this morning. Joel wanted to get some books from the library, so we thought it would be nice to stop at a coffee shop then have lunch in La Candelaria, too.

A light drizzle had already started when we headed out the door of our apartment. The clouds remained for the whole journey, and they only began to break up as we headed toward a French pastry and coffee shop several blocks (uphill) from the library.


Joel says the coffee is good…well, good for Bogota. And I say the chocolate is decent. They make it so frothy that you get an extra cream pitcher full of the part that didn’t fit in the mug.  We usually don’t splurge and buy any baked goods. They’re more expensive than your common Colombian panedaria (naturally)…and we were on our way to lunch.

Since we didn’t see the Argentinian restaurant before we got to a Mexican one, we decided not to keep wandering around.  In January, we first tried Las Enchiladas and were pleased. The black refried beans are quite good (something you can’t find in a grocery store here). Unfortunately, I forgot that their chicken is rather uninteresting. They must just boil it in water and nothing else, because it really has no flavor.

The ambiance is great. You have three choices: El Solar, a patio with glass covered ceiling to keep out the rain, a separate room with a table that will seat ten, or a small room with several tables that is lit by natural daylight, if you want to get out of the sun.


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