I don’t know whether you would have liked it or not, but Shasta did. There were lobsters, and salad, and snipe stuffed with almonds and truffles, and a complicated dish made of chicken-livers and rice and raisins and nuts, and there were cool melons and gooseberry fools and mulberry fools…

The Horse and His Boy  


Esteban has already read The Chronicles of Narnia in Spanish. This, however, does not decrease his interest in the story. If I would let him, we would do nothing more than read the book for our hour-and-a-half English class. We take turns reading. Usually, I get the long passages, and he will just read to the next period (punctuation mark).  I enjoy seeing him forget himself at the exciting parts; he will read several sentences (perhaps even paragraphs) in order to find out how what is going to happen.

Jorge and Esteban’s parents encourage hands-on activities to help make speaking in English more natural. Science experiments, clay models, songs and charades are in our repertoire. 

This week, I decided to bring them into the Narnian kitchen.  Chapter 4 of The Horse and His Boy includes a list of foods that Shasta enjoys while in the city of Tashbaan.  The desserts sounded more tempting than the truffles or chicken livers, so a “fool” is the recipe of this week’s class. Although gooseberries (uchuvas) aren’t hard to find in Colombia, the mullberry ( we’ll use moras ) flavor will probably be more to the boys’ liking. 

Of course, the definition of “fool” varies considerably when you search the internet.  I decided to go with one from an UK recipe site…that has ingredients that I can easily purchase in Bogota.

crema para batir
azúcar en polvo
crema agria, a temperatura ambiente
extracto de almendra
moras frescas
cáscara de limón, para adornar
menta fresca

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