This Might Get Old

Every March, another year older. This year I’m 32.

Wonder why I’m not posting much these days? Too many invitations out to almuerzos para celebrar el cumpleaños.  Saturday: Gladys and Loida  Sunday: Marcela (and the other ladies at church?)  Monday: Liliana and Gabriel.   Sure is tough ( :

Yesterday night, Joel asked what my expectations were for my birthday: Did I want to go out somewhere special? Should he make breakfast?  Presents?   I told him I wasn’t that big of a birthday person, and not to worry about it.

However, on my way to Chia today, I remembered the desserts that I see every time I pass the neighborhood panaderias/pastelerias.  One that I had never tried was what they call merengón. I think it is the Colombian version of a Pavlova. (One of my former students wrote a wikipedia article about it here.)

So, after eating dinner of salad, shrimp curry, and rice, I walked a few blocks to one of the nicer pastry shops. They had their usual offer of “buy 2 get 3” , but I only asked for what I had come for.

It cost 3.100cop  and was big enough to share with Joel.  He thought it was great, but I thought it was a bit too sweet.

Guess I needed a cup of coffee to balance things out.

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