La Chocita

En el via del Neusa hay un restaurante se llama, La Chocita.

Sunday afternoon, we accepted a last minute invitation to skip town with Mr. & Mrs. Line.  The complications only amounted to calling one of my students to rearrange our ESL class to an hour before we would drive off to Cogua. Thankfully, Juan Sebastian lives just across the street from the Lines’ conjunto.  The American English File book along with some other teaching resources were packed in with a change of clothes, some pistachio nuts, chicken flavored potato chips and a bag of marshmallows.  You see, Juanita had mentioned that hot dogs roasted in the fireplace might be on the menu.

We enjoyed a chilly, but pleasant time at their cabin on the mountainside.
While I paged through an old Searchlight Magazine cookbook,
Joel began his study for next week’s sermon.

In the morning, a walk resulted not only in the pleasure of beautiful panoramic views,
but also a patch of blackberries.
Someone else will have to enjoy the bounty of the fruit, as not many were quite ripe.

Mrs. Line was ready to prepare lunch, but Joel insisted that we treat them to a restaurant that was on our way to where we could catch a bus back to Bogota.  Several months ago, they had introduced us to La Chocita, and we were in favor of returning.

Part of the pleasure of eating out is the ambiance. La Chocita is not lacking in this regard: dark wood, bright fires in several fireplaces, and lots of STUFF hanging on the walls and from the ceiling.

The service…perhaps a bit too efficient. We had barely prayed, passed the basket of cornbread sticks, and put our spoons to our sopa de mendongo before the a second waiter brought out our platos fuertes.  However, we all agreed that the food was delicious.

When my husband, the fastest eater, was finished, one of the waiters brought out a typical Colombian postre: cuajada (?) and salsa de mora.  Which we washed down with (large-sized for Colombians) mugs of coffee.  The check came to 36.000 Colombian pesos (about $5 USD each) for the four of us.

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