Procrastinating with Peanutbutter

Probably the only bad thing about teaching is having to come up with a lesson plan. Tomorrow I have three classes, but so far only have a general idea for one of them.  Instead of stopping and writing something concrete down on paper, I went to the kitchen and whipped up a new (to me) recipe with leftover ingredients that were in the refrigerator.

Brownie Layer
1 egg
1/4 c butter
1/2 c white sugar
1/2 t vanilla
1/6 c cocoa powder
1/4 c flour
1/8 t salt
1/8 t baking powder

Peanut Butter Cheese Cake Layer
3 eggs
250 g (1/2 jar) chunky peanut butter
? sour cream
? cream cheese
1/3 c white sugar

350* F

Prepare the brownie batter. Spread it in a greased glass caserole and place this in the oven while you prepare the cheese cake batter.

When the brownie is somewhat solid (5 minutes) pour the cheese cake batter on top. Return the glass casserole to the oven.
Let it bake another 20 minutes.

A top layer of chocolate icing wouldn’t hurt.

A friend's yogurt container claimed that a serving size for a browine should be the size of a package of dental floss. Actually, if you make them rich enough, you can be satisfied with a small piece.

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