Tea Time

My friend has started a business that imports high quality tea from Sri Lanka into Colombia.  She has shared some samples with some of us at church. Part of her difficulty right now is that she doesn’t have a store to sell from at the moment.  To help her as she searches for clients another friend in the church and I organized a tea party. We provided the pasabocas (snacks) and she brought the tea.

Liudmila gave a presentation of the history of tea as well as how to properly prepare the beverage.  Our guests were very interested in everything she had to say and also asked questions about the health benefits.

There are kiosks set up in many of the commercial centers (malls) in Bogota that are selling Red, White, Blue, Green, and Black teas. However, as you can read in the history of tea in England and Europe, it isn’t difficult to adulterate tea by mixing in other ingredients.  The Basilur brand has been certified as authentic ( you don’t have to worry that your “slimming tea” is actually half laxative powder).  I appreciated her honesty in explaining that certain teas aren’t for everyone. For example, people that suffer insomnia might not want to purchase green tea to drink in the afternoon, and those that aren’t used to drinking a lot of caffeine should start with just one or two cups of tea a day.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can look at her webpage, Real Food & Tea.  Or if you want to speak with her, you could ask to host your own tea party, perhaps. . .

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