Copy Kat: Following Instructions

After watching the Reto Gourmet video about TAO, I went out and bought an eggplant, a leek, and a marigold along with the more common ingredients. There weren’t any attendants in the seafood section, so I passed on the calamari.

cucumber slices with red onion and marigold petals

Turns out Joel likes eggplant–at least when it is grilled.

(To give credit where it is due, the chef’s name is Alejandro Cuellar, and the link to the recipe and video is listed in the comments below. )

grilled carrot, fried leek, zuchinni, eggplant & red onion

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6 thoughts on “Copy Kat: Following Instructions

  1. Since there are only two of us, there was leftover eggplant and zucchini. The eggplant worked well broiled with tomato, parmesean cheese, oregano and a bit of red pepper flakes. The leftover zucchini was raw, so I grilled it and then spread some tomato-basil-garlic sauce on top. Joel liked it a lot, although next time he suggests that I cut the eggplant into rounds.

  2. jajajaja i didnt realized they were my recepies, add the link of my blog to it!!!

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  4. Reblogged this on 5 Sentidos and commented:
    Artículo hecho por una de nuestras seguidoras replicando estas recetas publicada en nuestro blog:

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