Talking to Strangers

Wordpress must be trying to connect their bloggers. I’ve gotten the pleasant surprise of some traffic from complete strangers this past week.

One of the readers teaches at TAO, a studio where you can take cooking classes in Bogota.  Jugoterapia was one of his recent posts on the benefits of drinking juice.  His introduction spoke of memories of picking berries as a child.

Where are the South American paths overgrown with berry bushes? Are they in the mountains or are they like some of my childhood, lining the railroad tracks by the school for the blind and  beside the soybean fields of Amanda, Ohio?

This afternoon my walk to collect berries only took me as far as the neighborhood fruit & vegetable tienda, but the thick fruit juice was still satisfying.

Here’s the recipe in English:


½  cup blackberries

20 leaves of mint

3 tree tomatoes

Panela  to taste


Peel the tree tomatoes.
Blend the rest of the ingredients with water.
Strain and serve.

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4 thoughts on “Talking to Strangers

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  2. Tx for making this post and shering your experience. The link to TAO webpage is

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