You Get the Idea

It isn’t everyday one slings the camera over one’s shoulder. Obviously, I’m out of practice as far as sketching is concerned, but if you want some photos, here are a few from other people that enjoyed the food at Enchiladas restaurant in La Candelaria:

One of the sections of dining

"General Lee" plate. 25.000 COP My order tends to be something with variety. Sampler platters tempt me.

Calle 10 No. 2-12 - La Candelaria - Bogotá



Time we visited: Noon on a Monday

What we ordered: Coke & Lemonade, Bistec & “General Lee” plates
free chips and variety of salsas

Cost: 25.000 COP per plate, not including beverage
Service: Very attentive…almost too ready to serve and clear

~Music: crooning Mexican vocal
~Decor: Frida memorabilia, Day of the Dead, Typical folk stuff, normal stuff you expect at a Mexican restaurant (not modern)
~Climate: natural light, cool but comfortable
I would comment that it wasn’t crowded, but I think there were only 2 other customers in the restaurant since 12 is early for Colombians to eat lunch.

Menu: good variety to choose from. Decent prices for a satisfying portion.
Tasteful presentation.

Flavor: Probably the best version of Mexican food we’ve tried in Colombia so far. The (black) refried beans were good. Joel said his meat was good (You aren’t always pleased with the texture or flavor of beef in this country).

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