Colombian cheese bread. One is named an almojabona. Perhaps you remember me posting about my first attempt to bake them and them turning out too salty? Well, the other day I got a comment on that post. An apparently  up-and-coming chef here in Bogota gave me a link to his recipe.


Yesterday afternoon I was able to purchase of costeño cheese, so this morning I decided to try his recipe. Inkeeping with what I learned in the laboratory kitchen when I worked on the sensory panel at General Mills, I followed the recipe as closely as possible. As I was forming the dough into lemon-sized balls, it didn’t appear to be moist enough. So, I just made two so that I wouldn’t waste an entire batch.


While the two test almojabanas were baking I divided the rest of the dough in two. More butter to both and to half of the dough I added an egg.


Result? Both were still crumbly. The first had good flavor. The second spread a bit more (desirable), but lost some flavor in the process.


The crumble factor wasn’t the only difference that I notice between my homemade breads and those you might buy at a Colombian bakery. The texture is grainy. Am I using the wrong corn flour? Do I need to let the dough rest longer to absorb the liquids?

Several recipes from different countries are available on the internet: includes uses campesino cheese, maicena and sugar is more or less the same as the one that Alejandro has posted. uses cuajada and no wheat flour

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One thought on “AlmojabaNOTs

  1. Originalmente las hacen con maiz que pelan con ceniza, las mejores que me he comido son de Choachi, detras de Monserrate como a media hora, un pueblo muy lindo, y segundo el queso costeño es generalmente un queso seco y salado que se desborona facilmente, en cambio la cuajada es mucha mas mojada, mas elastica y mas fresca pero con menos sabor. Mi consejo seria mezclar los dos quesos o buscar el queso costeño mas fresco y menos seco que encuentres. Cuando quieras vamos a Choachi y hacemos un articulo al respecto!!!!

    Uno de mis lectores me acaba de hacer caer en la cuenta que escribi 200 grados centigrados y son 300, depronto por eso la dejaste 20 minutos a 200 grados cuando son 15 a 300. Lamento mucho el malentendido y muchas gracias por tu articulo.

    ~ Alejandro Cuellar

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