Pan de Bono: What?

Colombians have a lot of breads that would be unfamiliar to most people in the USA. One of the benefits of living in Bogota is that it doesn’t cost too much to try a roll, croissant or whatever looks interesting, fresh from the bakery.

For those of you that can’t just cross the street and buy something for 10 or 50 cents, here is a recipe from one of the ladies in our church:

Gloria wrote: “Te comparto la receta de los pandeyucas rápidos y fáciles de hacer: Ingredientes: 1y media taza de leche, media taza de aceite de cocina, 1y media taza de yucarina, 2 huevos, 1 cucharadita de azúcar, media cucharadita de sal, 3/4 taza de queso rallado costeño. Licuar los ingredientes. Hornear en moldes de moffins hasta menos de la mitad del moldecito porque crece mucho. 20 minutos. La medida de la taza es una mug . Me cuentas como te quedaron”

The recipe is for something called “pandebono”. You can read (in English) more about where it possibly got it’s name and about the ingredients you will need to make the pandebonos, HERE.



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