Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

"I say to you, It will play well with most human beings." ~ JZ

Do I really need to say anything? I think that chocolate is sufficiently interesting on it’s own. However, you might like to know why I decided to try this recipe today of all days.

Every morning I receive an email from a Gluten-free site. Last week one of the recipes-of-the-day was for chocolate molten lava cakes. I had seen this dessert before, but haven’t made it here, partly because I haven’t invested in ramekins (the reason I haven’t made creme brulee, either). The recipe sounded absolutely decadent, so I couldn’t send the link to my trash bin…the email has been sitting in my gmail inbox for a while now.

Today, I got another email for the same dessert from my former teacher that taught some of the culinary classes that I took at MCTC. The main difference was that Chef Dwyer’s included flour.  What difference will that make? I wondered.  So, with that excuse I went ahead and baked 2 portions this afternoon. Still no ramekins, but the ceramic bowls worked as substitutes.


This was the gluten-free version. When we get over the chocolate buzz, I’ll be able to try my hand at Chef Dwyer’s recipe.

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