Bonbons in Bogota

Patricia and Manuela came over to make some Christmas treats this week. When I asked Manuela what she would like to make, she only said that she doesn’t like peanuts. Cookies just sounded too normal, so I ended up picking two recipes for chocolate bonbons. Both internet recipes were new to me: Pillsbury’s Fudgy Bonbons and Taste of Home’s Hint-of-Berry Bonbons.

We had a nice afternoon, but we might have had better success, as far as form goes, if I had thought more about the adjustments necessary when “translating” a recipe from the USA to Colombia.

The most obvious “problem” was needing additional flour in the baked bonbons: Good flavor, nice chewy texture, but appearance…

Second Test = hills

It isn’t just the altitude; you also need to consider the ingredients. For example: cream cheese in the USA is usually packaged in a firm block. Here in Bogota, it is more common to buy a tub of soft (sometimes even a bit runny) queso crema.  This one ingredient made a difference in the texture of the bonbon filling.

Strawberry & Cream Cheese Bonbons

Have no fear, though; they’re still very edible.

No need to feed the mice.

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