Drinking Mushrooms With My Coffee

Gano Cafe

We had some friends over for lunch several weeks ago. As they were putting on their coats to leave they mentioned a new instant beverage: Gano Cafe. Apparently it is one of those natural health store remedies for almost any ailment you might have contracted. They told us a few success stories and promised us a sample in the future. The future became reality last night, when Marcela (the sister) gave us two packets to sample.  Joel boiled water and split one packet between two small mugs of boiling water. He also added a bit of milk. The flavor was alright, but it wasn’t equal to coffee.

This morning I looked up the company’s site to see what Gano Cafe is exactly. The answer? Asian mushrooms. Wikipedia claims that there haven’t been any reports of dangerous side effects, although the “Ling Zhi” hasn’t gone through vigorous clinical trials either.

I don’t think we’ll be investing in the “coffee”, but if any of my friends that like trying natural health remedies are interested, we have contacts.

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