Kick the Can: Fruit Cocktail

As children, my siblings and I always looked forward to  fruit cocktail from our grandparents. We each received our personal can with our name markered on the paper label.  The cherry (I don’t remember there being more than one or two halves in the mix) was of course much more special than the peeled(?) grapes, hard pear pieces or slippery orange peaches.  According to USDA stipulations, the mix had to have included pineapple, too, but for some reason that ingredient didn’t stick nostalgically in my mind.

As a young adult (perhaps 20),  I had my first taste of gourmet fresh fruit. One of the vendors for the company I worked for at the time sent us a box full of fresh pears, individually wrapped in gold foil and brown paper.  Ripened to perfection, the juicy fruits were a welcome contrast to the tins of chocolates, butter cookies, nut brittles and other sweet treats we received that year.

In these beginning years of my third decade, I am learning yet another culture of Christmas goodies. Natilla and buñuelos are the traditional Colombian fare, although boxes and bags (not homemade) of cookies are also popular.

Recently, a magazine arrived in the mail, so I decided to flip through it before heading out to purchase groceries this morning.  This Navidad issue included a few recipes for your Christmas dinner.  One was for a green salad with fruit.  I had already planned to cut up a variety of red fruits for today’s lunch, but I decided to try the dressing from the Colombian recipe.  Of course, I made a few changes.

Fruit Salad


juice from canned peaches
apple wine
brown sugar

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