Es tan santo el chocolate
que de rodillas se muele
juntas las manos se bate
y viendo al cielo se bebe

~ verso popular

Translation? Chocolate is so holy that it is ground kneeling, beaten with hands held together, and drunk while looking toward the heavens.

This afternoon I walked into a grocery store in Chia with the intention of purchasing a bottle of honey. There were ten minutes before I needed to be outside to meet my ride to my first ESL classes of the day, so I decided to look around. On the other side of the aisle instant beverages were stacked: tea bags for fruit-flavored green teas, blocks of golden panela, etc.  Less familiar were packages of round brown balls. It looked like something you would either find on at somebody’s grandparents’ farm or at a souvenir store.

Chucula, according to the package’s ingredients list, is composed of: cocoa, peanut, wheat, barley, peas, broad beans and cinnamon.   They remind me of no-bake cookies, but the instructions say that you are supposed to dissolve one “bolita” in 2 glasses of water or milk to make a hot beverage.



So, I decided to put the bottle of honey back on the shelf and try it out. 1800 COP for 9 balls of chucula.

Tonight I cut one of the balls in half and heated up a cup of milk. It took a little longer to dissolve than the pastillas de Corona chocolate.  It’s smell, taste and texture were all of grain, with only a hint of cocoa flavor.

I suppose I could get used to it, but I don’t think we’ll be putting chucula on our regular shopping list. Next week I’ll keep the bottle of honey in hand.

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