Salad Sandwiches

Our lunch menu has been a little bit lacking as far as vegetables go. My excuses might be that the zucchini are too big, the peas too difficult to cook, and the tomatoes overripe. Green beans are a favorite with Joel. Shredded or roasted carrots, are accepted also.

Joel’s latest suggestion is that we eat more soups, salads and sandwiches. So, I made a list of our “usuals”: Chicken Torta, Club, Toasted Cheese, Rueben, Ham & Cheese, BLT, Quesadillas, “Hans” beef-onion-pepper with cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers…

but, what’s wrong with looking for a little variety?

This morning I ran across the menu for a Mexican restaurant we might have to try the next time we visit my in-laws: Super Salads.

Their menu includes the following sandwiches:

Chicken Swiss:
pollo empanizado, lechuga, tomate, cebolla morada, queso suizo y adrezo Ranch.

Pollo al cajun, tomate, lechuga romana, aros de cebolla empanizados, queso suizo y adrezo Chipotle Ranch.

Lomo, jamon de pavo, queso panela, espinacas y tomate, con adrezo Chipotle Yoghurt.

Jamon de pechuga de pavo, jamon de pavo, queso manchego, lechuga, alfalfa y tomate con adrezo Ranch.

Mediterranean Spicy:
Salami, jamon de pavo, chorizo, cebollin, jalapeno, guacamole y queso gouda, en pan arabe con mayostaza.

Turkey BBQ Club:
Pechuga y jamon de pavo, salsa BBQ, queso gouda, jalapeno y cebollin en pan arabe con crema agria.

Creta Chicken Fajita:
Pollo marinado chipotel, morron rojo y verde, queso gouda y champinones, en pan arabe con mayostaza.

Pireo Cilantro Steak:
Arachera, chorizo, queso gouda, cilantro y espinacas, en pan arabe con adrezo Spicy.

Swiss Chicken:
breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion,  Swiss cheese and Ranch dressing.

Cajun chicken, tomato, romaine lettuce, breaded onion rings , Swiss cheese and Chipotle Ranch dressing.

Loin, turkey ham, panela cheese, spinach and tomato with Chipotle-Yoghurt dressing

Turkey breast, ham, turkey ham, manchego cheese, lettuce, alfalfa and tomato with Ranch dressing.

Spicy Mediterranean:
Salami, turkey ham, chorizo​​, chives, jalapeno, guacamole, Gouda, pita bread with mustard-mayonnaise.

BBQ Turkey Club:
Turkey breast and ham, BBQ sauce, Gouda cheese, jalapeno and pita bread with  sour cream and chives.

Chicken Fajita Crete:
Chipotle marinated chicken, red and green peppers, Gouda cheese and mushrooms, pita bread with mustard-mayonnaise.

Piraeus Cilantro Steak:
Flank steak, sausage, Gouda cheese, cilantro and spinach, pita bread with spicy dressing.

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