Time for Tea

When my parents ran across this book, they thought of my husband.

Little Black Book of Tea

If you don’t know Joel, he likes to carry around a moleskin notebook to jot down ideas and observations. Also, he enjoys green and black teas in addition to his daily intake of coffee.

My dad decided to take the risk and to send the book via USPS from Columbus to Colombia. We had almost given up when two weeks later it finally arrived at our apartment.

This afternoon I decided to take a break from household chores. I picked up the Little Black Book of Tea and read through the first half.  It looks like a silly book that you just get as a cute present. However, I found that this book contains both interesting and helpful information.  The history is of a length that it doesn’t bore you by being too short to tell you anything, or too long: telling you everything you never wanted to know.   The section on the different teas is laid out in a way to give the reader a concise overview of each: where it’s grown, how it tastes, color, when to drink it, brewing directions, and “worth noting”.

This week I’ve been thinking (just a little, don’t worry or get your hopes up) about the saying that the unexamined life is not worth living.  Maybe being more informed about tea with steer me away from the habitual coffee cup  to adventures in the world of tea…we’ll see.

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