Good old milanesas.  When I was a kid,they were called “wienersnitzels” in the Shillington Diner, PA.  You take a thin piece of meat, pass it through flour, then egg, and then bread crumbs or whatever breading you prefer.  I like the corn flake breading.  Then you fry them in oil both sides and drain on paper towels.  In Uruguay, Dad used to order them (in his single days) “milanesas a caballo.”  That was the milanesa with a fried egg on top.  Of course then you accompany it with french fries and some years later you take pills for cholesterol and high blood pressure.  (and keep on eating them from time to time).

I don’t make french fries, though I might bake potato cubes in the broiler with oil on them.  I haven’t made beef milanesas for years, but on rare occasion make them of chicken or fish.  If I do it at home, I use olive oil, and not some conglomeration of the cheapest oils that restaurants use.
AND, I am sure to have salad or some accompanying thing more in line with doctors’ recommendations.
Love, Mom

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