Roast Beef. Beef Roast.

The kitchen can have it’s own language even if you aren’t living in a foreign-to-you place.

After more than  two years in Colombia, I still haven’t figured everything out at the grocery store. One of my most recent questions is: What part of the cow is used for roasts?

Most of the people I have gotten to know here, prefer to use the pressure cooker rather than an oven (if they even have an oven), so the Sunday roast doused in tomato soup isn’t one of the first things that comes to their mind.

Some of the butchers do have a chart of the different cuts of beef on the wall in the meat section. They even list different ways of preparing each one. However, this morning I ended up looking for an American explanation. The picture in this post is linked to an explanation from Cook’s Illustrated magazine.

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