Blood Red!

In high school, two of my classmates and I competed in an annual acting competition. (Katie Jaeger played Shelby, who else was with us, Emily Gibbs?…why can’t I remember?). We performed a cut from Steel Magnolias.

In part of the script, one of the characters describes the horrible groom’s cake. It red was  velvet cake, in the shape of a giant armadillo.  The woman goes on to describe how they “hacked into” this cake whose inside was “blood red”.

Where does a red cake get it’s color from?

AllRecipes has  at least two recipes for Red-Chocolate cakes. But Wikipedia has a more clear explanation of what gives (or doesn’t so well) Red Velvet cake it’s color: food coloring or beetroot.

Mystery Chocolate Cake

Red Satin Cake

When I didn’t use the bag of chopped beets that I had bought from the neighborhood salad lady, I remembered these recipes. I also had half of a zucchini and some cocoa powder leftover, so….

The batter was more than enough, so I took the experimentation even a step further. I poured the extra into two thick glasses and threw them in the microwave while the rest of the batter baked in the oven. Todd Mitchell had sent me a recipe for chocolate-cake-in-a-mug ages ago, but I had never tried it. The cake was very dense, but after dousing our slices with mora marmalade,  we managed to wash it down with some mid-morning coffee.

If there’s a next time, I’ll actually follow a recipe so that I can be a just judge.

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